The ‘Third & North Street’ band (Delmarva Teen Challenge) is and always will be a ministry of Jesus Christ first. We are bound by our mission to reach the lost and encourage the community of believers through spirit-filled worship. Also, we endeavor to respect and pursue relationships with those who may be of different distinctive. We are crossing racial and denominational lines, meeting at the Cross. We believe in the knowledge that Jesus is the Son of God and our Savior.

This year was a very busy time for ‘Third & North Street’ recording and releasing their third CD titled, ‘Let It Rain’. For a Sunday morning, evening rally at your church or a mid-week service please contact us @ 302.629.2559. Also, the band is available for a wide variety of engagements schedule permitting.

The Basic Mission of The Delmarva Teen Challenge Praise Band is to :

Serve God with our lives and this ministry.

Reach out to those who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and to encourage the body of Christ.

Be a Ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Meet at the Cross with other ministries / denominations and be a blessing to them, leaving behind peripheral difference, and to focus only on serving our Risen Savior Jesus Christ.



Fresh Fruit

Get your copy of "Fresh Fruit"
CD  $10.00
plus $2.00  shipping and handling.

 Take a moment and listen
to the previews:

1. 10,000 Reasons

2. Rooftops

3. Fresh Fruit

4. Our God/  I will Follow

5. Angus Dei

I Give Myself Away

Get your copy " I Give Myself Away"
CD  $10.00
plus $2.00  shipping and handling.

 Take a moment and listen
to the previews:

1. I Give Myself Away
2. Starry Night
3. Christ Is Risen

4. Jesus, Lover Of My Soul

5. Hosanna

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